Mathematics, a compulsory subject in the school curriculum contributes immensely to  the   basic   knowledge  of  an individual.
It is instrumental in developing concentration, patience and reasoning skills needed to derive solutions to our every day life challenges. Mathematics is a key subject in many courses. Our mathematics team should be commended for their tireless efforts, support, commitment, devotion, hard work and useful contribution.
They all work tirelessly to motivate the girls to ensure that we achieve academic excellence. They do this through well planned Mathematics lessons where concepts are presented in a simple, student-friendly and precise manner.
Mathematics programmes are first introduced to students during their orientation week. On admission, form ones undergoes counseling with a view to approach the subject positively. During this period, the primary Mathematics syllabus which forms the foundation in which secondary mathematics lies is reviewed.
The girls are encouraged to begin their secondary education by focusing their end results. Each student is asked to write down the grade she intends to get at the end and the approaches to use in order to achieve it.

All are advised to develop a personal study timetable, and to ensure that they give adequate time to their studies. They are also reminded to have a clear vision and goal of their studies and what careers they wish to pursue in the future. This prepares them for the secondary Mathematics syllabus.
Teachers ensure that effective teaching aids are used and girls taught in small groups. Those who are weak in the subject are recommended to attend the remedial class conducted every Saturday morning and during holidays.
Teachers supervise these lessons and each child is personally attended to. Fortunately, our students are very enthusiastic.
Those in form two are eager to introduce form ones into the mathematic club where they have an opportunity to teach and learn from each other. They participate actively in mathematics congresses, symposiums and contests. As a result they have cultivated a positive attitude towards the subject.
Equally, I would like to thank the principal, the entire teaching and non- teaching staff for their continued support in teaching.
The SMASSE programmes which started three years ago, has also boosted the department greatly. The tuition materials in the SMASSE office have made teaching of many concepts easier.
I am happy to say that the academic performance of the department has improved steadily. Our recent mean score of 7.2 in the provincial mocks was a positive move.
We are together praying for the peace and prosperity of Buru Buru girls school.

The mathematics team consists of:
Mrs. Ruth Mungoni Shinali (H.O.D)
Mr. Stephen S. Katelo (Assistant. H.O.D)
Mrs. C. Kimuya Mrs. B. Owiti Mrs. R. Waitara Mrs. E. Mwenda Mr. J. Thairu

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