Former Students Testiomony



It was hard to believe that I was in high school. As a young girl, I always thought about the day I would be in high school. At the time, it was like a dream, it seemed so far away. But the year 1996 came and there I was! Now that I had joined BuruBuru girls High School, the thought became what lay ahead. I felt a bit lost, just like a majority of Form ones; having left the highly sheltered life at home. I was now alone and responsible for myself. True to the word, experience is the best teacher. I soon learnt and adopted the 'BuruBuru culture' and within a short time, life was normal.
I fondly remember how we looked forward to the evening bell when we would rush back to the dormitory ('mambao') to take some snacks before going for supper and later for evening preps. But alas! Fridays were the best cherished, as it meant the end of a tiring week and the beginning of a well deserved weekend. Then come the evenings and we would chat in the dorms till late in the night as we enjoy the usual delicacy (A mixture of sugar, blue band and cocoa). Now six years down the line, I look back and wonder what was that we used to eat! It's just by divine intervention that we survived without anyone contracting some strange illnesses. I understand we were not the only ones enjoying this 'delicacy' but it is a common practice in most high schools.

As the saying goes, Education is the key to success. If that is the case, then each of us makes a conscious decision to succeed or fail, for it is in us where the inherent ability to learn resides.
I look at myself and how much I have achieved (for life in itself is an achievement) and with much more in store for me. When I say thank you to the teachers and the administration of BuruBuru Girls, it is only half of the story for it was in BuruBuru where I lay the first foundation of my life and the direction it was going to take. At school, it seemed as though we were being forced to read but what we did not know was that it was all meant for our good. I especially remember and admire Mr. Otieno who made Chemistry and Biology to be some of my best subjects. Now that he no longer teaches in BuruBuru Girls, I wish him well in his endevours. Years have since come and gone and now am a grown person but I still face same bewilderment of what lays ahead of me. All I know for sure is
that it all looks promising and for that, I have more determination to face it. I encourage the students to know that each and everyone should   take   the   responsibility for their behaviour, actions, conduct and that successful acquisition of knowledge is key to independent living and most likely, the key to your every dream, hope and aspiration.
Last but not least, think success, believe in it, choose it
and anticipate it and you will succeed!
I dearly miss the class of 1999.
Sophie Wanjiku Ng'ang'a, Egerton University graduate was in the class of 1999. She is currently working with the Barclays Bank of Kenya


How I Achieved My Dream

My name is Captain Jane Wairimu.

Although as an aviator, I enjoy every moment of it, there are some things that one has to keep in mind.

We   should   always   try   to achieve the most in whatever we do. Remember to set goals, face challenges and always have God in your heart.

Being a female pilot in a male dominated field comes with many challengers. A lady has to really work extra hard to be appreciated in this field. One has to demonstrate self reliance, discipline, direction, confidence and determination to defy the odds and broaden the horizon


My opportunity to become a pilot came as a result of hard work, discipline and determination. I     would      like therefore to urge everyone       to always develop good    dreams, surround themselves  with positive      people and know that one day, their dreams will come true. At least mine did!


By Jane   Wairimu,   Old girl (1995-1998)



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