Buru Buru Girls Secondary School is situated in Eastlands, Makadara Division in Nairobi. It’s on a Five-hectare plot. It is between Buru Buru Estate phase 3 and Jericho Market. It neighbours Metropolitan Hospital on Rabai Road off Jogoo Road. It started in 1986 as a mixed Day school with two streams. One Government and One Harambee. The First structure, a block of four classrooms and an administrative block were prefabs put up with funds given by the Ministry of Education in 19S6. It is from these humble beginnings that the school has grown to the present modem permanent buildings. The school presently has a population of 672 students, 39 teachers 30 subordinate staff. Currently it is a Four (4) streamed school in year 2009,


•     In 1987, the construction of Science laboratories was started with financial assistance of CIDA and was in use by July 1988.

•     In 1989 the first block of permanent classrooms and an administration block werecompleted. Between 1993 and 1995 the school had managed to put up twelve (12) permanent classrooms. A series of Harambees through parents’ initiative necessitated these achievements.

•         In 1988 the school started phasing out boys and by 1992 the school was wholly a girl’s school. At this time the parents felt the need to turn the school into a boarding school so as to improve the academic performance.
•         By June 1994 all the girls became boarders and this was realized by renovating the former prefab classrooms into dormitories. In 1995 the parents embarked on putting up a modem hostel, which was
completed in 1997. The hostel accommodates 392 students. Again, this was
realized through Harambee, parent’s contribution and a donation of a 5 acre plot
in plains view by His Excellency, The former President Daniel Ara0 Moi which
was sold and the proceeds used to develop the school infrastructure.
•         Due to high demand for the school as a result of the good progressive academic performance, there was high over enrolment due to pressure in Nairobi for Boarding Schools and therefore the need to expand the school was inevitable.

•         In the year 2000, the school was re-registered as a 3 streamed school.
•         Consequently addition  of four classrooms block,  ablution block,  two small staffrooms and a new hostel to accommodate the new stream was constructed and completed by year 2002. The hostel accommodates an addition of 172 students.  These  were  done  once  again  through  Harambee,   and  parents’ contribution.
•         The school managed to acquire’a school minibus of 32 seater in 1995. This was achieved through the efforts of the girls who organized a walk to raise the funds and donations from well wishers.
•         This bus made life easier in the school for it took the students for educational trips, Co-curricu!ar activities, and dropped teachers who worked late. This went on up to recently when the growth in population of students increased and hence leading to the demand for a bigger bus. The school acquired a 62 setter bus in year 2005. This was again realized through the initiation of the girls and the teachers who owned the project and who organized various activities including a programme for annual walks, and open basketball tournaments to raise funds and also donations from well wishers. The payment of the bus is on 4 years loan of Kshs.7 Million which is being paid on a termly basis.The school intends to hold a walk on May 2009 and hopes to collect enough funds to pay upto the last installment, have the bus repainted and build a shed for the bus to protect it from too much sunshine.

The school has a small dispensary which is fully equipped and is manned by a

qualified nurse on full time basis. The nurse is seconded to the school by the

Ministry of Health.

The school has a temporary library housed in the prefab buildings which is fairly

equipped and it is manned by a qualified librarian on full time basis. The librarian

is employed by the B.O.G.


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